Bids opened for construction of $6 million plus addition to Eagleville School

Article via The Eagleville News:

Eagleville News Biscan Construction.jpg

Bids were opened Tuesday for construction of the proposed 30,300-square-foot addition to Eagleville School with Robert S. Biscan & Company of Brentwood submitting the apparent low bid of $5,415,100.

Bids were also submitted by Hardaway Construction Corp. of Nashville at $5,527,000 and R.G. Anderson Co. Inc. of Nashville at $5,575,000. 

Rutherford County School Board members are expected to consider Thursday the recommendation to approve Robert S. Biscan for the lowest and best bid for the Eagleville School addition and some renovation.  

Biscan was also the successful bidder on the $3.5 million classroom addition to Eagleville School completed in 2012.

The county schools engineering and construction department had projected in February 2014 a construction cost of $5.9 million for the new addition with a total project cost of $6.8 million.

Gary Clardy, county schools assistant superintendent for engineering and construction, said the Eagleville project is still on schedule with an estimated completion date of July 2015. 

"We will try to get this approved, and then we will get ready to mobilize and go to work," Clardy said after the bid opening.

The proposed school addition will be built between the new gymnasium and the existing school. It will include an auditorium, a stage area and dressing rooms. Also, the current cafeteria dining area will be enlarged with the removal of the stage and will involve about 1,600 square feet of renovation. 

Further, the new addition will include nine regular classrooms, two science labs, a band rehearsal room, a choir rehearsal space, offices and a book store.

The bids opened on Tuesday also included alternative projects, including resurfacing and restriping the parking lot and paving the driveway from the gymnasium to New Highway 99. 

The $6.8 million project estimate includes furniture and fixtures, construction and design. Binkley-Garcia Architecture & Interior Design of Nashville designed the project.

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